Quick Start Rules

Fill in TWELVE names on the Names Pad. Your names, funny famous people, whatever! Have fun, this is a Party game for adults, remember! Everyone in the group should know them.

Then, the questions are about THOSE twelve people. Personalize the questions for your group. If you have a raunchy group, the game will pay raunchy. If you’re more conservative, it’ll play that way.

Next, everyone writes their guess and lays it in the middle on their color-coded pads.

When everyone has guessed, rank the guesses, from high to low …

  • The highest and lowest guess get ZERO points.
  • The guess in the VERY middle gets TWO points.
  • Everyone else gets ONE point.

The next player grabs a card and starts at number 2.

Whoever the question is about may get Zero points. It’s NOT Closest to them, it’s in THE MIDDLE of the group guessing. The fun part is how wildly different the answers will be, and the conversations it sparks.

Making the best Questions

The Question Cards are set up to play to YOUR group very well. Like, a Template, one of the 12 names will be picked, and you will have four choices to personalize the questions.

Rule Number One! An answer that can be ZERO is a BAD choice (In fact, Zeroes are not allowed). If your Mom is playing and doesn’t drink, don’t choose “How many BEERs did MOM drink last month? Every question should have a variety of “Fillers” to avoid ZERO answers.

When you’ve played a few rounds, try using the “You pick Filler” to personalize the game even more. If you are playing with a huge Cubs fan, and the question is how many times did JEFF ____________ last year? Fill that in with “How many times did JEFF go to Wrigley Field last year?” For the best “Filler”, the answer should be a large number.

Guessing Zeroes are not allowed and Duplicates aren’t fun. So … make your answers specific. If the answer is close to 100 miles, make your answer 97 miles or 101.5 miles. Questions? Email me Jeff@Knowbodyknows.com.


Free Email Game

Free Email Game. It’s not playing around a kitchen table with drinks, but it gets you through the day!